The Creature

I once thought that witches, monsters, ghosts, or demons are terrifying. Well, they still are.
However, I encountered one creature that is leagues above the rest.
This creature does not stop by only haunting you, it also haunts your family.
It appears not just at night, but also at day while you are awake.
Unlike other creatures, it does not want your demise, it will keep you alive, leaving you at the edge of sanity, so it can continue to haunt you.
It requires tremendous effort and commitment to finally get free from it.
The creature’s name is ‘debt’.
The Creature

Financial Resolutions For A Better New Year

Dear readers, we are at the edge of 2015 and soon we will venture into a new year. It is that time again, the time where I usually write down what I want to accomplish in the new year. The accomplishment can be anything, it can be about doing routine exercise, more social activities to help those in need, etc. However, what I am most excited about is writing down what I want to achieve financially. Hence, we will continue on that. 

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Financial Resolutions For A Better New Year

Interest Calculation Of ‘KPR’ & ‘KPM’

KPR (Kredit Pemilikan Rumah) and KPM (Kredit Pemilikan Mobil) are both common banking product in Indonesia.

The former is a credit facility to purchase a property, in this case a house, and will only be given by Bank to customer after they have met certain terms and conditions. The latter, it is very similar to the former, notable difference is that it is used to purchase vehicle.

Based on explanation above, one difference that can be noticed easily is regarding each product’s purpose.

Now, is purpose the only difference between the 2 (two) products? Nope, through experiences in banking industry in Indonesia there are other differences. However, there is a difference that is usually unknown to people, and that is interest calculation.

Allow me to explain in advance, in the market, approved KPR and KPM has different characteristics. Mainly in term of loan amount, interest rate ,and its tenor. Therefore, under normal circumstance, apple-to-apple comparison between KPR and KPM is hard to be performed.

Despite that, to understand more about difference in interest calculation, I will make example between KPR and KPM that has same characteristics.

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Interest Calculation Of ‘KPR’ & ‘KPM’

Dear Colleagues, I Know Your Habit

Dear colleagues, we work in the same company, we have known each other for years, we have tackled number of projects together, we have had disagreements, we often have lunch meetings, and we share our life experience with one another. Thus, I can say for sure, that I am familiar with your habits.

Some of your habits are awe-inspiring, full of motivation, and I am able to take many valuable lessons from it. For that, I am truly grateful.

At the same time, in my point of view, some existing habits indicate symptoms of financial issues.

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Dear Colleagues, I Know Your Habit

You Need Financial Resolution


My definition of financial resolution is financial related goals that you want to achieve in a certain point of your life. A good financial resolution will include measurable information, such as how much do you want to achieve and when do you want to achieve it. Last but not least, a good financial resolution it is also written.

What can financial resolution provides you with? Search it through Google and I am certain you will find tons of answers. Yet, for me personally, financial resolution provides me with purpose and clarity. Purpose allows me to consciously, unconsciously also I hope, focus my effort in achieving the resolution. While clarity help me understand when I will need new resolutions to reach greater achievement.

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You Need Financial Resolution